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Erin Stashin - Portfolio



Title: "Harvester of medical insight" for Sixth Sense Strategy Group DATE: December 2018 MANDATE: Meeting Facilitation (advisory board for rare disease)

erin quote

TITLE: On-boarding for MSLs DATE: Summer 2018 MANDATE: Interviewing MSLs at two U.S. pharma companies to collect insights about providing better medical affairs training


TITLE: E-learning and education for nurses DATE: Oct-Dec 2018 MANDATE: Developing e-learning for 300 nurses across the McGill University Health Complex (Montreal General Hospital)

muhc nursing education

TITLE: 2 Days at the MUHC Nursing Education Department DATE: July 2018 MANDATE: Retrospective on a work-place audit

Media and Tools for  Instructional T

TITLE: Best kept secrets of instructional technologists DATE: JULY 2015 MANDATE: Compendium of tools (PDF with clickable links)

OVMA tradeshow

TITLE: OVMA trade show DATE: Jan 2017 and 2018 TYPE: Customer education and team building at medical trade show

FRENCH eventbrite guide

TITLE: Eventbrite job aid DATE: June 2017 MANDATE: Create a job aid to supplement a tutorial on a new software (French)

national pet day

TITLE: National Pet Day DATE: Feb 2018 MANDATE: Social media engagement

Outpatient experience article

TITLE: "Invasive procedures" outpatient experience TYPE: Long blog post DATE: Nov 2017 MANDATE: personal reflection and public education

flip twist roll

TITLE: Flip,Twist, Roll: Career agility tips DATE : February 2016 TYPE: Sample animation MANDATE : Social media posting

Vimeo - Short Educational Videos

TITLE: 7 Steps for really great meeting outcomes DATE : June 2016 TYPE: Sample animation MANDATE : Social media posting

OVMA 2015

TITLE: Symposium at OVMA in Toronto DATE: January 2015 TYPE: Event planning MANDATE: Event planning for veterinary education

Prezi tech sample

TITLE: Keeping Pace with Evolving Trends DATE: March 2016 TYPE: Prezi (manual advance, no voice over) MANDATE: Social media posting

Prezi sample

TITLE: Teaching evening physics to millennials and mature students DATE: June 2013-Dec 2017 MANDATE: Flipping the classroom for an evening physics class in an adult education centre VOICE OVER VERSION:

App maker

TITLE: What is app maker? DATE: November 2014 TYPE: Voice over tutorial MANDATE: Assignment for Digital media course

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