Love it !

Love it or hate it (and some people really hate it), texting has become a staple in day-to-day business communications at MEDZONE.

Nothing surprising here - my busiest clients have been texting me since way back in October 2007.

In 10 years, little has changed except that... texting is no longer the exception. Every single corporate client now uses texting as an adjunct to communicating with me.

I've embraced the practice because it's painless and simple. Done right, it is extremely effective for managing projects. And as a bonus, it has reduced my email burden while granting me access to late-breaking, urgent (and sometimes privileged) information.

Here are just a few ways I've used texting these past 2 weeks, alone:

  1. Suggested conference delegates leave more time to travel safely in a snow storm

  2. Coached a medical speaker moments before they've taken the stage

  3. Tutored a field representative to use a new software

  4. Prompted a remote client to take pictures of a business development event

  5. Texted a slide deck link so my client could project/present from a phone

What about you? Any cool examples?

Have you developed any procedures to leverage this tool?

In a future post, I will jot down some of the systems, default settings or modified language protocols I use to be efficient with medical organizations (physicians, veterinarians) and corporate clients.

#Adulteducationprinciples #medicalcommunications

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