Your baseline data: eGFR, ApoB, HbA1c, glucose, tot chol, triglyc...

If you're like me, bouts of personal stress or crisis can make proper sleep, nutrition and exercise habits more difficult to achieve. (I think we can all relate).

During times of unrelenting worry, we have all made the mistake of neglecting ourselves.

Self-care is often the first thing to go as time and energy are diverted to more pressing needs. And when the situation is chronic, things become more dire. The negative impact to one's hematology and biochemistry is almost unavoidable.

Feeling disheartened by stress is completely forgivable. But postponing or avoiding routine check ups is not. When your feeling tapped out by stress, be good to yourself. Schedule some blood work.

View it as an opportunity to collect some baseline data and clinical insight about yourself. It could empower and motivate you to find a way to cope or possibly even develop your own intervention.

f you choose to splurge on services at a private lab, you won't need to fast. And as for alcohol, they ask that you simply advise them if you consumed in the days prior to the test so they can note it. Results are emailed to you and often the same day.

I love the Biron lab within walking distance of my house. They have very friendly and competent technicians. As a data geek, I love that the report includes a graph of all my previous years' blood tests.

Here's a picture of the technician that collected by blood, earlier today.

Be brave and proactive. Whatever stresses may be affecting your chemistry, I'm rooting for you.

In this article are a few ideas to get started with self-care:

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