LinkedIn Learning: Why I love it and you should too


I am a BIG fan of LinkedIn Learning. I’ve been using the platform since 2013 – before it was even a part of LinkedIn.

Back then, it was known as and I had learned about it from professors in grad school.

Amazingly, this platform has remained a “best kept secret” for working professionals looking to stay sharp in an ever-changing working world. I have noticed more and more pharma companies giving access to their employees. I see it as a gift. It is valued at $31 month which I gladly pay, myself, because it has been a tremendous help to my professional work.

Here are some scenarios that prompt me to turn to the platform:

1. Knowledge gap

I have identified a gap in my knowledge and I need to address it quickly by video-on-demand learning.

2. Up-skilling

I have free time and I feel like watching a short video on a desired behavior or a new skill.

3. Inspiration

I am giving a presentation and I am looking for radically new inspiration from the experts in a topic area.

4. Social learning

I want to share my favorite courses with others in my network.

If you are already a fan of video-based learning (VBL) on platforms such as YouTube to learn some time-sensitive tasks (e.g. assembling a barbecue or pitching a tent), then you will likely enjoy using LinkedIn Learning.

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