Learning to think "outside of the box"

Learning to think "outside of the box" requires a deep commitment to spend time away from one's desk and out of the proverbial lock box.

Being with people who thinking outside the box is fun and it recharges my batteries. I like attending conferences aimed at educational designers and instructional technologists. This is where I can pick up new ideas for my clients who are looking to engage and interact with their audiences. Today, at CCI 2017, I got to explore maker spaces, speaker curation tools and "outreach" techniques that are uncommon to the healthcare industry.

Some ideas discussed today include Hyperdocs (for packaging digital learning), Unsplash, Pixabay (for royalty free, commercial use images) and Pear Deck (polling software).

Tools and tactics don't have to be flashy nor expensive to be fresh - you just need a solid rationale for each intervention.

(And it was fun to reconnect with full-time teacher buddies and renowned digital media experts such as my grad school professor, Dr. Giuliana Cucinelli)


#instructionaltechnology #educationaldesigntools #Adulteducationprinciples #digitalmedia

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