"Sheepish shoemaker"

"Cordonnier mal chaussé"...

Can anyone relate to that French expression? Tonight, I totally feel like one of those people.


The proverbial "sheepish shoemaker" is a skilled individual who neglects to leverage their skills for their own advantage or advancement.

I have a perfect example - a story of predictable irony:

I just emailed a client suggesting they start using and assigning hashtags to all their conference and customer event planning. It's definitely a good idea. Hashtags remain a powerful social leaning tool used extensively in higher education circles. And in my industry, they represent an untapped, strategic resource for finding and engaging medical audiences.

After I sent the email, I checked my personal Twitter feed. Apparently, I've been too busy to use hashtags this year.

It's a little too late for me to recall that email. But it's never too late to start hash tagging more consistently. One simply needs a defined purpose.

Does anyone else have a sheepish shoemaker story?

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