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Interviewing for L&OD Director roles

Interviewing for L&OD Director roles

When scoping out roles for which you would like to apply, it can help to create a research template to keep you on track. You will also want to keep a list of default and custom questions to ask at each round of interviews.

Assess the organization

There are pros and cons within each category.

  • Mature company?

  • Upstart company?

  • Global or local?

  • Legal structure?

  • Products or services and pipeline?

  • Employer brand and ratings?

  • Company culture?

  • Onsite, hybrid, or remote?

Get clear about the role

There are many ways to ask questions about the role. Preparation is key.

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Ask about company policies

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Review a job offer (clauses to look for)

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Signing the job offer (tips and tricks)

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Preparing for your first day

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