Tools for Audience Engagement

I love when people email me to ask for help using instructional tools and digital techniques. Engaging target audiences seems to be a business priority for almost everyone I know.

One of my clients recently asked about various polling apps, survey software or interactive devices they might want to try at their next customer event.

In my industry, touch pads have been the "go-to" device for many years. I'm sure you know all about this technology - these kits are used everywhere from university classrooms to corporate boardrooms and are still a great option in many scenarios.

But did you know that many other options are available?

I decided to research some of the pros and cons of various tools and pointed my client to a few of my favorites and examples how to implement them.

In hopes of inspiring others in my network, here is an image depicting some of the mobile apps (and one new portable tool) that are currently on my radar. Far from exhaustive, I am hoping this list will encourage colleagues to research new resources and try different ways to engage and interact.

The blue spokes point to the tools I currently use most. After researching and testing a number of them, I am ready to advise my client.

Which ones have you tried?

Do you have a favorite?

What feedback can you share and what advice do you have for others?

When it comes to designing engagement initiatives such as customer education events or meetings with stakeholders, I see great value in adopting brilliantly basic approaches. Yet, I also believe in helping clients to leverage modern trends and new presentation media.

Consulting and brainstorming with someone in the know is a great place to begin. click the image or click here for a starter resource.

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